What do we do

Our focus lies primarily within four areas of expertice


HMI is the abbreviation for Human Machine Interface and is an established concept within automation for the interface where man and machine can meet and communicate. Regardless if the interface is developed to communicate with a machine, retrieve important data before a decision or facilitate contacts with your clients and colleagues we focus on man when we design an HMI. An HMI Cenito is thought out; logical, fast navigated, and certainly not the least attractive. Both for an increased user experience and as a pure competitive advantage.


Connectivity. Internet of Things. Cloud Solutions. For Cenito this is the most popular contemporary words and buzzwords for an ancient pursuit. To effectively, securely and accurately gather and interpret various data in order to distribute instructions and information. Albeit we master the latest tools and techniques from device precision to enterprise decision, we will always emphasize on relevance and usefulness when we design a connectivity solution for your needs.

Web applications

Products and applications streching from automation systems for big industrial enviroments to web pages for smaller businesses all need to be made available on the web. With more than 60% of all people on the internet using mobile first the web applications also needs to be suited for small devices. With responsive designs and powerful backends we can offer the complete product experience.

Mobile apps

In todays mobile market we know the importance of being available on all platforms. We develop ready-to-use native apps for all major plattforms – iOS, Android and Windows Phone. And we make sure to keep them updated. We can develop apps exclusively for a specific platform, or as Cross Platform app. We also develop dynamic web apps in responsive designs that works equally well on phones, tablets and desktops.