New homepage for Kunskapsplattan in order to reach new customers


Kunskapsplattan is a web based service which gathers apps for teachers and school aged children. Together with well-experienced educationalists they gather apps in packages to speed up planning and save time for teachers. The homepage for Kunskapsplattan had proven to be a bit confusing for a lot of costumers and not everyone understood the search tool that was presented or what Kunskapsplattan was offering.


Cenito designed and implemented a new homepage that now shows what Kunskapsplattan offers in a very clear manner. The homepage shows how the service works and is made out of html5 and then made into a WordPress template since the site is developed in WordPress.


Kunskapsplattan now reaches out to their customers in a more efficient way. Their service is explained through a clear and simple design and Kunskapsplattan now longer need to spend any extra time on explaining their offer. The message of the service and the subscription offers are explained and delivered as soon as a customer visits the site.

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