Visual chair control


KLAB manufactures amongst other things chairs for crane operators. These chairs have a lot of possible settings in order to function properly and to be ergonomically correct. These settings were previously controlled by physical buttons, which were hard to understand since there are a large amount of positions and alternatives for the chair.


KLAB decided to transition into a touch based system instead of using physical buttons. We helped with the design and created a 3D based navigation and interaction system.


The result was a clean and user-friendly system were we used 3D graphics to visualize all the functions and settings of the chair.

Interested in a redesign or a whole new concept? View or Concept design package.

  • Customer
  • KLAB
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    • HMI
  • Project lifespan
  • 2013
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    • 3D
    • Graphic Design
    • Interactions Design