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Are you our next Software Mechanic, Software Composer, Experience Creator or Interaction Producer? Read on!
Maybe you want to call yourself a developer, tester or interaction designer. And that works just as well. But regardless of the title that applies to you, we think you obviously are a person who is humble and want to share your knowledge with colleagues and has a huge craving for learning new things. So what applies to you?

At Cenito we work in a variety of projects where we build products with user experiences beyond the ordinary. These projects often result in a web, desktop or mobile application but it can also be a kiosk system or a home automation solution.

At Cenito we believe in allowing our employees to develop and thrive in areas that they are passionate about and have the talent within. We want to build a culture where everyone can contribute with their particular expertise in every project we take on. We place great emphasis on individual learning and above all to have fun together. We offer several benefits for our staff to facilitate both their time at work and away from work.