Sundsprojekt is a building contractor in the south of Sweden whom in 2014 started a new project of condominium apartments in Lund called Thule Park. Since the apartments needed to be sold before they were built the project were in need of a smart marketing solution. Thule Park wanted to visualize the interiors of the apartments and most importantly find a suitable atmosphere that could appeal future buyers.


Cenito chose to produce a complete 3D model of the apartments were clients could view the interiors of the apartments. With 3D Studio Max the apartments were visualized with a clean, simple and modern interior design. The 3D models were rendered as images that Thule Park then used both in their online marketing, printed adverts and in catalogues.


The company was pleased with the 3D models and happy with the interior atmosphere Cenito created for them. With the helps of these 3D images Thule Park was able to sell out all the apartments in the first phase.

If you are interested in 3D-models and visualization read our blogpost on the subject.

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