Photo perfectioner

Project Description

In 2011 Cenito Software saw a growing wish among mobile users to take better pictures. Today using only your phone for taking pictures is becoming more and more common and, as a natural effect to this, more people want tools in their phone that makes their pictures look better. We also discovered that you want your pictures to be as good as they can be before they are saved in the phones album.


Cenito developed a photo enhancer for Windows Phone that uses a unique non-linear algorithm, with an origin from several years of professional research, to improve your photos. The photo enhancement mode uses a clean and very intuitive UI where the photos are enhanced using a wheel with three different enhancement levels, i.e. original, colour and light with interpolations in between. Photo Perfectioner has an improved built-in camera that allows for enhancement of the photos before being saved to the Camera Roll.


With the app we have helped numerous people becoming better photographers when using their phones!

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