Next Departure

Next Departure saves you time when traveling


At Cenito Software we saw the need for an app that could collect all the timetables for different transportations in one single place. Instead of using several apps for checking the timetable of local buses, regional trains and national transports we wanted to gather all the information needed in one single app. When we travel we want to focus on discovering things and enjoy the time we spend with friends and family instead of stressing out on timetables and time consuming apps.


Cenito developed a Windows Phone app, which allows the user to view timetables and departures from specific stops. The user is able to add and configure schedules for different bus and trains stops and save the most frequent stops as default. The timetable has a cool design and have the look of a real-life digital board.


The app is very convenient for daily travels since it, with its functionality to save stops as default, saves the user a lot of time. It delivers timetables for several of the largest transportation companies in Sweden, such as Skånetrafiken, SL, SJ and Västtrafik and therefor cover many different routes.

Next Departure is available both in Windows Store and Windows Phone Appstore.

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