Alfa Laval

Redesigning user interface for a more user friendly experience


We created the user interface design for the Alfa Laval 2Touch system back in 2008. After six years the application had grown and elements had been added along the way resulting in a very sprawling design. A wide variety of colors and several different styles of graphics were used which some users found confusing. It was time for an overhaul and it was decided to redesign the 2Touch System, reduce the amount of details and “clean” everything up.


After viewing other systems and the trends of today we updated all graphics in the system to a more modern look and feel. The Alfa Laval graphical profile colors was streamlined and only the most significant colors were chosen to be used in icons and graphical elements. The design was also made more flat and less gradients to fit with the trends of today.


The design now ties everything together in a more natural way and makes for a more compelling user experience. The new graphic standard we produced is now also implemented across a wide range of other Alfa Laval applications. So Alfa Laval can spend less time with education and documentation for the different applications since the user will see more resemblance. The new modern design has created very appealing products for new user as well.

Interested in a redesign or a whole new concept? View or Concept design package.

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