“We will be fully settled being known as the best in our field.”

Johan Nilsson, CEO

The past

When you repeatedly find yourself thinking how exciting and fun it would be to do your favorite things faster, smarter, prettier and from a more customer focused point of view than in your current employment, it is high time to start a business of your own. And so we did in 2009. The core of Cenito was forged from a selected few in a desire to share a mutual passion to create beautiful software solutions for industrial purposes and automation. The five original founders are all still active as senior consultants and architects in the company and our vision statement applies more than ever.

The present

To undertake larger and more complex projects Cenito has grown and broadened it’s area of expertise. Today Cenito consist of 15 highly experienced software developers and 3 ditto UX-designers. We allow ourselves to grow only when we find people with the right competence, experience and professional mindset that correspond to our standard and our clients expectations. We are keeping our focus on industrial applications in our four areas of expertise as explained under ’What we do’, though we are not constrained by it. As can be seen under ’Cases´ with samples of applications from various businesses.

The future

Further exploring the possibilities of modern tools for web based HMIs and other UIs and as solutions for connectivity rapidly are made more accessible, our ambitions is to stay in the lead in the continuous industrial IT-(r)evolution. In addition, the relations to our long time costumers evolves and some of our solutions have matured. Thus we will strengthen our organization for broader commitments regarding strategic governance and third line support. In order to keep one eye on the road ahead and one eye in the rear mirror we are expanding, aiming at a double head count in the next two years. Please visit ’careers’ to see the profiles of our most wanted next colleagues.