For visions deserving beautiful software

We are specialists in design, automation and connectivity


By carefully selecting people with different skills and experiences, we have picked the cream for our dream team. A wide variety of professionals excelling within their various areas of expertise creates a dynamic, sharing and creative work environment. Whether we are crunching down on a deadline or celebrating a successful sprint, we always make sure to enjoy the moment and to have fun.


Beauty, is said, to lie in the eye of the beholder. Software beauty lies in the perception of its users. At Cenito we combine insight into human behavior with analytical thinking and creative abilities to build seamless user experiences from a holistic point of view. But at the same time we focus on the smallest detail down to the last pixel.


Our approach to software development is that it is not just a matter of producing flawless code with the best of tools. Only when every member of the team truly understands our client’s visions and it’s role for their business, the finished product really can exceed expectations. We love to build the complete product experience.

Celebrating a decade with Alfa Laval

In 2018 we celebrate a successful partnership with Alfa Laval that has been going on for a decade. Together with Alfa Laval we have created a lot of different applications for touch screen panels, web solutions and mobile apps.

Alfa Laval has given us the opportunity to work with them on the future of user interface designs for the automation industry.