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Angular2 – The Step That Makes Web App Full Worthy Citizens

Angular2 is soon ready for a stable release candidate. We at Cenito have been using it for few months to learn and try out the new cool features it has to offer. At Cenito, we have a great mix of developers from hardware hnear driver developers, HMI and industrial developers […]

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Lumia imaging SDK

Over the last 3 years a team from Cenito have been involved in developing and improving an imaging SDK for the Windows plattform. A SDK making it possible for developers to handle images in a better and more powerful way in their applications. The SDK can be used both in photo […]

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Bandracer on GitHub

After several requests from our followers the Unity Windows Band game Bandracer is now available on GitHub. Feel free to experiment and build the game on your own!

You will find it here: github.com/Cenito/BandRacer

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Windows 10 UWP App lab with Cenito

On the 25-27th of January Joel from Cenito will host a new Windows 10 UWP App lab at LabCenter in Stockholm. Don’t miss out on this event that are usually very popular!
Fördjupa dig i funktionaliteten i C# och. NET Framework
Denna tredagars hands-on-labb i Avancerad C# och .Net Framework har tagits fram för dig […]

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Band Racer – A Microsoft Band and Windows Phone game

At Cenito we just love to try out new technologies and new gadgets. When the Microsoft Band hit the market several of us at Cenito just had to have it. And even before the SDK left the preview stage, we knew we had to build something!

Unity3D editor has been around […]

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A UI success story

In 2013 we at Cenito started working with Baxter (then named Gambro) on their new machine called AK-98. This is the next generation of Gambros current dialysis machine AK-96 that is used in hospitals and home care world-wide. The main reason for the update was to introduce a more user-friendly […]

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Virtual possibilities with Oculus Rift

At Cenito we have for a long time been working and experimenting with different types of types of applications where we have used Augmented Reality (AR). In these applications, we have mixed reality with virtually projected objects from a computer, tablet or smartphone to build a new reality. When Google […]

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Okra App Framework goes cross-platform with Xamarin.Forms

I’ve been a true fan of the Okra App Framework, http://okraframework.github.io/, by Andrew Wilkinson, ever since it first came out with support for Windows Store Apps targeting Windows 8.0. Okra comes with all the common MVVM classes you would expect, but even more important is the navigation support. It handles navigation […]

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Get started with MVC5 and AngularJS in Visual Studio

AngularJS is a popular framework for separating a view from a model in front end web projects. It is also easy to work with if you have a background working with Model View ViewModel in WPF or Model View Controller architectural patterns in other projects, because of features like data […]

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Getting started with Docker and Jekyll on Azure

I am senior software developer at Cenito Software and I am a fan of Jekyll, a static website generator for two reasons, security and control. With static website you get to host it anywhere and with great security since there are no exploits to exploit. With the simple tempting and […]

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MEF – How to recompose plugins

Continuing my posts regarding MEF, I figured that I would show how to use recomposition in order to replace plugins in a program. With recomposition it is possible to load new assemblies in runtime, which can be useful when new extensions are available or existing ones need to be replaced.

In […]

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Windows 10: Finishline for “WPF/Everywhere”

At Cenito we’ve worked with Microsoft Technologies from the very beginning, and many of us a lot longer than that. Our work has closely followed the evolvement of applications and with new client projects we’ve always aimed to use the latest framework. Let’s take a look at our Microsoft history.

WPF […]

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MEF – A bootstrapper alternative

I have written an earlier blog post about MEF and how to set up the core parts of a MEF application. In this post I will show how to use a container instead of a bootstrapper in order to request when to compose the MEF parts.
Why use a container?
When using […]

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January at Cenito

So the first month of 2015 has reached its end. At Cenito we started the new year with new ambitious goals and this year we will focus on getting new clients within HMI, Web and mobile development. We are also aiming to release a new product and hiring more talents […]

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One week with Azure, Crate.IO in Austrian Alps – SnowSprint

Last week Sasha Vincic from Cenito Software went to Snowsprint in Austria, hosted by Crate.IO. This was not the first time Sasha went to a Snowsprint, but the first time since he joined Cenito Software.

A sprint is a hackaton where developers from all over the world get together to develop, learn and enjoy what they do. This year the main topic were the Distributed database […]

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Crate.IO and Azure on Snow Sprint

Awesome developers who get together and create amazing things during a short period is called a Sprint or Hackaton. If this is done in the Austrian Alps it is called Snow Sprint.

This year the lovely team of Crate.IO is organizing the legendary snowsprint again. The them for this years is BigData and scalable database Crate.IO. The database […]

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Separate model and view in an AngularJS directive

Separation of concerns is important when designing a system that is reusable and maintainable. One common separation is that of view and model. In other words; the model should not adapt to constraints of the view and the view should not be dependant on a specific model. A common pattern for this is […]

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Using AngularJS bindings in an SVG; a How To

Today I will investigate the possibility of using bindings in AngularJS, in particular, binding an attribute value in an SVG image in order to control that from an AngularJS controller. The code in this post can later be updated to use a web service API for instance to get values […]

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November at Cenito

November at Cenito has been a busy month. The working pace has been high as several projects during the month has been completed and launched. A new version of the kiosk system was finally launched in the last week of November and it is now with eager anticipation we are […]

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October at Cenito

During the past month, the projects have been rolling in at a good pace – as it should be doing in the second month of autumn. We started out the month with a visit to Scanautomatic fair where we saw all the new HMI trends.

A big bunch of Cenitoons have […]

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MEF – A MefBootstrapper example

How to use MEF with the MefBootstrapper
When writing object oriented code one often needs to think about the Single Responsibility Principle; every context (class, function, variable, etc.) should define a single responsibility, and that responsibility should be entirely encapsulated by the context. All its services should be narrowly aligned with […]

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GridSplitter and Expander – Why don’t you work together?

The other day I was trying out the effects of the GridSplitter. I was using a Grid with several expanders that I was looking to expand and collapse dynamically with the use of gridsplitters. However, I stumbled upon a minor issue.
The concept
The initial concept was as follows:

Which produced the following

When […]

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Why should your company invest in 3D models and visualization?

There are several ways to visualize your products, and various benefits of these techniques. The reason to visualize your products is so that you can gain new customer but also to keep your current ones. Two different visualization techniques that can be used are photo-realistic images, that are computer-generated, and […]

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C# 6.0 Language Features

In an earlier blog post I mentioned that there are new language features emerging as part of the new .NET compiler platform “Roslyn”. Some of these will be part of the next C# version 6.0. This list might still change, but some things are already finished and some are still being designed or developed.

Many […]

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The power of print

Even though Cenito loves the digital world we are bound to say that printed media still has importance. We are part of a digital world where we develop online web applications, as well as mobile apps and user-interfaces for touch displays but we still believe that printed media is a […]

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Choosing flat or realistic design?

In recent years, user interface design has become increasingly flat. Glossy and colorful buttons are no longer relevant and has been replaced by simple geometric shapes . It may be tempting to choose the latest design trend for your own application but there are some things you should consider first. […]

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How to limit the selection of a WPF ListView with behavior

The WPF ListView
To show a list of an amount of elements in WPF you can use the ListView. The ListView is
[a control] that displays a list of data items. [msdn]

There are several dependency properties that can be bound, for instance the SelectionMode. The SelectionMode determines how a ListView’s elements can be […]

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Where is HMI software headed?

At this years’s ScanAutomation fair you could clearly see the trend in HMI software and automation solutions. For years software and HMI solutions have been stale due to the fact that hardware changes have been slow. Now, almost a decade after the iPhone was released, we see an adaption of […]

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Progress Indication in Windows Phone 8.1

In Windows Phone 8.1 they have made some changes in how to present progress in the API.

For Windows Phone 8 you could add and manage your own progress indication content in a view, which of course is also possible in 8.1. But using the APIs and the standardized way of presenting […]

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Cenito at ScanAutomatic fair

On Thursday the 9th of october two cenitoons travled to Gothenburg to attend the Scanautomatic and ProcessTeknik fair and to explore the industry news.

At the biggest fair for automation and process technology in the nordic countries almost all of the industry companies were present to show their latest news and […]

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